How to Design the Perfect Home Inspection Website

There is nothing as wonderful as having a good website that keeps your audience engaged. One of the ways to set things in the right motion is to have a powerful homepage. If the homepage does not interest your potential client, you have lost the deal. Chances are the potential client will not go to the “About Us” page or any other page. Remember, a home inspector never gets to meet a client until you are hired.

It is very important to have a well designed homepage that sells all the services of a home inspector. It should give the potential client every reason to hire you without having to look at any other home inspector’s website. There must be no room for error.

KEEP YOUR VISITOR ENGAGED: Your business is to sell your services to your potential client and not to entertain them with frivolities which add no value to your landing their business. Make it pretty simple: State reasons why you should be hired. There is no time to skirt around the issue.

You should engage your potential buyer in the area of services which you intend to provide. If your target is NY services, then do not fail to make it obvious to any potential buyer who reads it. Even if it is read by someone who will eventually refer a client to you, the message will be so firm that the referrer will not forget it in a hurry.

GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: An average person decides on staying or leaving a web page in the space of 4 seconds. This is how much time you have to tell your potential client what you have to offer. Make good use of your time by stating what you do and why you should be hired immediately. You can achieve this by putting them in bullet points or making it bold enough to catch the attention of the eye.

Remember that most of your visitors may never return again, and if they do, it may be several years down the line. They are usually first-time home buyers. You may engage them by letting them understand certain things which they never knew before. There is no need for words that do not promote your selling advantage.

CALL TO ACTION: Your homepage and other pages on your website should have an effective “call to action” which makes the potential buyer click to hire you immediately. You do not need to make the potential client want to think about it; you want the potential buyer to hire you on the spot. That is the whole purpose of having the website in the first place. It gives the potential client every reason to hire you.

USE FEW PICTURES: The potential client did not visit your website to glance through an album. What is being sought is a qualified home inspector that will get the job done. Understanding what your visitor want, give it straight to them with as few pictures as possible. This is the way to get hired through your website. As much as possible, except if it is absolutely necessary, avoid using your personal photo so as not to lose a potential client simply because your face is not liked.

BE PROFESSIONAL: This means you display your company logo and your InterNACHI seal. This convinces your website visitor that you are a qualified professional worthy of being hired. Do not forget to state the locality that you operate in.