How We Increased Search Engine Visibility For Local Inspection Company

As a leading web marketing/web Design Company, we have worked with different organizations to help them properly position their brand in the market. We recently performed a complete audit of and were able to identify several weaknesses in their current marketing plan. We proffered different solutions and this is highlighted in this case study.

Long Island Home Inspection Company Case Study

Our initial checks showed that this Long Island home inspection company did not have or list the services they perform so we completely overhauled their content strategy. We showed the management our short term, mid-term and long term strategy in order to get them to the top of their industry. We implemented a pay per click campaign that immediately started driving calls and revenue to the business that same week. Despite the immediate results we got, our expertise shows that you have to sustain momentum over a season in order to properly understand the trends in a business.

This led us to completely revamp the website of the company. It was designed to show how they perform home inspections in Long Island. Also, in order to set them apart from the competition, a list of all the home inspection services that they offer was put in a strategic place on the site. We used this strategy to address any long term concerns about visitors trying to get at a glance about what the company stands for. It is imperative to mention that we supported this by driving a social media campaign which we intend to sustain for a year.

In all, the current performance of the business shows that people will consistently identify with this company due to the unique place it will hold in their hearts.

Tips that helped us deliver the right results

We looked at the top 5 companies that serve as competitors in their industry. We discovered that their digital marketing plans were running at a seamless frequency. We knew that the only way to revamp the trend for this home inspection company is to create a multi-pronged strategy. The consistent appeal to blend with their target and create win-win situations for everyone formed the crux of our campaign. Also, we looked at the most cost-effective way to sustain high visibility for the business. Our consensus was to use content which showed relevance of the brand to any customer who may be in need of home inspection services.

Picture of google bing and yahooFinally, we created a system that could be tweaked no matter how the market responds to our digital marketing campaign. This makes our plan one of the most failure-proof digital marketing systems in line with the realities in the organization.



Everything about this project shows that the market for home inspectors is quite dynamic. Anyone who wants to stay relevant in the market must use a system that will deliver results. One of the best ways to do this is to connect with a good digital marketing company. The current results show that the plan is on the right track and the coming days will show us the trends in order to know how best to implement other tools that will make for the company’s success.